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Ron Moss has been an active member of Wight Cardiac Rehab (formerly IW Heart care Club) for a number of years and attends the classes which are held at The Heights in Sandown.

He is retired and enjoys being involved with marketing and fundraising as he feels very strongly that the work of the charity is important.

He volunteered to be a trustee of the charity having been a former committee member of The Heart Care Club.

Ron says ‘Following the work which Lyn and Gary have done over many years, it is essential that this continues. As a charity he hopes that we can establish a venue to allow the exercise programmes and other essential functions to continue. I am grateful for the benefits I have gained from Wight Cardiac Rehab and would like them to be available to others experiencing heart related issues’.


Ron can be contacted on

Tel: 01983 883528

Mobile: 07815 078725

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