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Sue's information


Sue Young has been a member of the IW Heart Care Club now Wight Cardiac Rehab since 2016 as part of her rehab after having a heart transplant in 2015. She now has the privilege of being the secretary for the charity.

Sue is retired but during her working life was always involved with customer service. In banking, retail and admin and training for a local charity, her passion was putting people first and always trying to be ready to listen. She feels this is something she can bring to her role as a trustee.

Sue says ‘Belonging to the Heart Care Club was a real life line for me. Finding somewhere with exercise specifically designed for those who had suffered from a cardiac event, where I could exercise safely gave me the confidence to get back to a relatively normal life. The interaction with others during class and at social events is a very special thing and brings support and encouragement’.


Sue can be contacted on 07867 892189


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