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Roger's information

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Roger Crew, is island born and bred.  Married to another “caulkhead” and has two adult children.  In January 2020 Roger arrested three times after suffering a heart attack.  He was airlifted to Southampton where he received two arterial stents.  Lockdown quickly followed and the NHS phase three care was ceased. 


Over a year later Roger found the Heart Care Club and was grateful to join, being integrated into the Victoria Rec. group in Newport.  Thanks to the weekly sessions he believes his fitness has greatly improved and he has been fortunate to also enjoy the social events.

The majority of his working life was spent in people orientated organisations, latterly at a strategic level.  Roger holds a post-graduate diploma in Management and is a proponent of rehabilitation. 


Since finally retiring, he has been able to act as president and vice chairman of several island organisations.  Having resigned as a trustee and chair of another Island charity after several years service; roger feels ideally suited to contribute to an organisation dear to his heart so volunteered as a committee member and now as a trustee of the newly formed Wight Cardiac Rehab charity. 


Roger has recently accepted the role of lead Trustee for safeguarding. He keeps busy with his many hobbies.

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