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West Wight Row-a-thon 14th November 2018

About 25 members of the West Wight Class, helped raise over £2,600 for the West Wight Sports centre Gym.

Starting at 9.00 for two hours, using two new rowing machine, class members took it in turns to row. More details to follow on the distance they achieved. Other class members made cakes and held a raffle. 

The 25 members who took part rowed 41,000 metres during the two hour stint.

Lyn organised everyone so they warmed up on a stationary bike, before sitting on the machine. 

West Wight are trying to raise £150,000 to extend their existing gym by 50%. The club holds two classes a week there and it would be great if we could let members use the gym as well.  We will be presenting the money to West Wight Sports Centre on Wednesday 19th Decembers  at 10.30, when we have our annual Christmas party.

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