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Congratulations to Lyn

Lyn Smith is a founder member of the Isle of Wight Heart Care Club, a self-funding organisation affiliated to the British Heart Foundation founded in 1991. Lyn was one of three instructors asked to provide ongoing support and help for heart attack patients who had already completed a cardiac rehabilitation programme following physiotherapy.

Lyn’s dedication to the club was such that she even studied for additional qualifications – completing the British Association of Coronary and Pulmonary Rehabilitation – after realising that her keep fit qualifications were inadequate. She now leads three dedicated instructors, who take 14 different classes between them – with Lyn leading 12 of them herself. Their aim is to encourage, support and improve the fitness of club members – who range in age from those in their forties to people in their nineties – through exercise.

Lyn’s nominator, who attends one of the classes, said: “I know from my own experience that without the regular and correct exercise a large number of us would no longer be here. She has helped hundreds of people recover their sense of equilibrium, their joy for life and their confidence”.

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