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Lyn's Home Exercise Plan

A suggestion for a home circuit.


There are 10 stations

  • 5 cardiovascular

  • 5 active rest or strength


There are alternatives approaches: 


The cardiovascular stations (CVs) are 2 minutes long, unless you feel that’s too long for you. As an alternative you could complete 1 minute and then march on the spot for another minute


The active rest stations (ARs) need you to complete 10 - 15 repetitions. These are slow and controlled movements.


For the AR you can go through the motions, use tins of baked beans, bottles of water (small of course!), weights or dynabands if you have them.


You would then complete one circuit.




If you have Heart Failure or find it easier, the CV ‘station’ could be one minute (as it usually is). You could then complete two circuits.


It’s important to exercise at the level that is comfortable. You should be able to hold a conversation but feel that you’re working ‘somewhat hard’. The way you work in class.

  1. CV. Walking up and down your hallway, or garden, at the pace that suits you

  2. AR. Upright Row. Here you can use, as mentioned above, just your arms or tins of baked beans

  3. CV. Lunge Backs. The speed and range of motion of your arms affects how hard you are working

  4. AR. Wall Press. Alternatively, you could use resistance bands or weights

  5. CV. Half Stars. Again the speed and range of motion of your arms affects your work.

  6. AR. Bicep Curls. You can add whatever weight is applicable to you.

  7. CV. Step on and off the bottom step of the stairs. This can be progressed by walking up and down stairs

  8. AR. Seated Low Row. If you have a resistance band. Pull Back, with without weights if you do not.

  9. CV. Curls. These are in the warm-up and again, speed and larger arm movements will raise your heart rate.

  10. AR. Lat Raise. As before, use whatever weight is applicable.



Remember, if you are not seated, keep your feet moving, keep good posture and enjoy it!

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